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AG dolls owned: Chronologically: Felicity, Elizabeth (Brunette re-wigged Gotz Little Sister), Cecily (Gotz Elizabeth Cady Stanton), Charlotte (#21), Anthony Bridgerton (19" Gotz Boy), Kate Bridgerton (formerly Sheffield - LoF first edition Elsie), Daphne Bassett (formerly Bridgerton, custom JG), Penelope Bridgerton (formerly Featherington - LoF Kathleen), Hyacinth St. Clair (formerly Bridgerton - Custom JG), Marcelline, Sophy, Leonie, and Lucie Noirot and Lady Clara Warford (Customized JGs, 16" vinyl Gotz, and Karito Kid, respectively) Cecile, Chloe (#15), Marie-Grace, Addy, Harriet (VERY customized off-brand doll of unknown origin), Kaya (Needs A New Name), Sara Crewe (gorgeous green-eyed Gotz Little Sister), Nellie, Irene (customized PP Divah), Jjenna (#26), Gert (black-haired re-wigged Kit), Rebecca, Kit, Ruthie, Molly, Julie, Ivy (actually Jess), Patricia (#47), Saffie or Saffron (Saige), and Marisol - and a few more I haven't quite figured out what to do with yet
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