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AG dolls owned: Molly, Kit, Emily, Ruthie, Samantha, Kailey, Nicki, Abby (Saige), Kylie (#23), Hannah (#37), Emma (#39), Allie (#53), Rachel (#57), Sasha (custom with Saige's wig with a haircut and #19's eyes), Natalie (custom with #59's wig cut to shortest layers and Saige's eyes), Zoey (custom with #61's wig and #59's eyes), Lauren (custom with Isabelle's wig and #61's eyes), Jessica (custom with a Bavas International brunette glamor girl wig cut short and Isabelle's eyes), Helina (BB3), Sarah (BB2), Grace (BB6), Katie (BB7), Cory (brunette bitty twin boy) and Lea (brunette bitty twin girl)
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Historical: Molly, Kit, Emily, Ruthie and Samantha
MyAG: Kylie (#23), Hannah (#37), Emma (#39), Allie (#53) and Rachel (#57)
GOTY: Kailey, Nicki and Abby (Saige)
Bitty Babies: Helina (blond), Sarah (brunette with brown eyes), Grace (brunette with blue eyes) and Katie (redhead)
Bitty Twins: Cory (brunette boy) and Lea (brunette girl)
Customs: Sasha, Jessica, Natalie, Lauren and Zoey